Creating for the sake of it with Ali Nelson of Alimakesthings [S01E01]

Creating for the sake of it with Ali Nelson of Alimakesthings [S01E01]


Ali Nelson is the founder of Alimakesthings, a handlettering and Instagram phenom.
Thanks for listening to the first episode of Process! Today's our launch day, and I'm so excited you're listening to the show. I'm also very grateful for your support. :-)
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I'll be honest with you—creating this podcast didn't feel like hard work because I enjoyed it so much. Recording this episode (and the other two also released today) was fun! 
And I can’t wait to hear what you think.
I hope I get to join you in different aspects of your day: while you exericse, while you work, while you commute, while you hit up the supermarket, or whatever else really!
I'm grateful you're here, that you're letting me into your ears. :-) I'm happy to be on this journey with you, and I hope these conversations lead us all toward more creative flow and peace of mind.
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My guest on this episode is Ali Nelson. As a handlettering artist and designer, Ali has amassed quite a following on Instagram and is sending printed versions of her work all over the world through her #alimakesmail product. (I've bought it myself!) 
During our conversation, we cover:
  • The catalyst that led to her transition from Criminal Justice to artist
  • How she became a "reluctant entrepreneur"
  • Focusing on serving others instead of selling to them
  • Why she stopped creating commissioned art and transitioned to her own aesthetic
  • How exploring her art without expectations led to where she is today
Here's my favorite quote from our talk:
"I asked myself, 'What is the work that I want to be doing?' And then I started creating. And at the time I didn't necessarily have clients who wanted that work. But in order to even show that you can do that work, you have to create it, people have to see it and know that it's possible for you to do it."
Show Notes
- You can find Ali and her art here: / @alimakesthings
- A quote she loves by Leonard Cohen: 
"You will never untangle the circumstances that brought you to this moment … Embrace your fate."
- An event where she'll be speaking in October: Story Nashville
Thanks for listening! And a huge thanks to Ali for joining me on this first ever episode of Process!
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