I’m Marcella Chamorro, founder of MARCHA and Self-Work.

Throughout my career as a marketing leader at non-profits and early-stage startups, igniting people’s growth has always been my focus.

In my marketing roles, I loved leading teams and supporting individuals on their growth journey. I discovered that people want to grow but also need support during the process. I value authentic relationships and conversations aimed at helping others evolve and succeed.

I am drawn to supporting many individuals on many teams—to help more people grow into their potential by giving them unwavering support and fostering the self-work necessary to propel their external achievements.

Coaching is my true calling. After years of exploration, soul searching, and formal training, I transitioned from marketing to coaching, dedicating myself to helping people realize their full potential through self-work.

I'm energized by addressing the root of a problem and working with leaders to create lasting change for everyone in an organization.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and learning from the incredible guests I'm honored to speak to on each episode.